After spending a wonderful holiday day in the open air, at sea, having enjoyed a relaxing sauna session you will have a chance to take a break and chill out in our relaxation areas.

Our Wellness area features a space dedicated to relax which will offer you plenty of peace and tranquility.
Here you will find the quietness to absorbe yourself into your thoughts or keep reading the book you took on holiday with you.

Fitness room

Our fitnessroom has got the most common equipments: cyclette, horizontal cyclette, voga-rowing, stepper, tapis-roulant and muscle-training-equipments.


Sauna is a wellness treatment based on the action of warmth, which removes toxins through sweating, improves the blood circulation and makes You relax.

Emotional shower

Thanks to the emotional shower, the shower moment becomes a multisensorial experience, You can enjoy after sauna and turkish bath. This cromotherapy, which consists of water, aromas and colors, contributes eliminating stress and anxiety and purifies Your mind and psyche. As the name suggests, this treatment aims to make You feel emotions for Your physical and mental wellness.

Relax area

Our wellness center has got a relax area; there You can relax with sauna, turkish bath and emotional shower. During holiday pleasure is the most important thing.

Turkish bath

Turkish bath is a water treatment in warm vapor form; it is one of the better therapies to fight against stress, acne and dermatitis.
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